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Facilitating Digital Transformation


Facilitating Digital Transformation

April 19, 2023 | 2-minute read

Digital Tranformation

It’s not a truism that nearly every health plan and hospital system is “committed to digital transformation”. The acute need to rapidly implement new care delivery methods during the COVID-19 crisis accelerated many organizations’ use of new technologies and reimagined operations processes.

In fact, Gartner® research1 “shows that 94% of CEOs want to maintain or accelerate pandemic-driven digital transformation.” As health plans and providers move forward with 2023 digital initiatives, they remain hyper-aware of the paramount need for effective program execution.

CIOs, academics and technology leaders have given considerable thought to how digital transformation in healthcare is best achieved. Some of their insights regarding transformation success factors, drawn from industries outside of healthcare, are very applicable. Although digital transformation may be founded on a “big idea”, health plans can fast-track successful digital transformation and avoid “big project” pitfalls by consistently using two best practices:

  • During initial project planning, make sure to align strategic outcomes with operations models that will support the outcomes ; and
  • Upfront consideration of how the end-state technology will be deployed to internal users and external partners, thus avoiding “ last mile” user frustration and implementation barriers.

Gartner® e-book, Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023, published October, 2022 

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