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Unlocking Point-of-Care Insights: ADT Messages Decoded


Unlocking Point-of-Care Insights: ADT Messages Decoded

February 1, 2024 | 5-minute read


In the realm of Member Experience, where personalized care takes center stage, Health Chain unravelled the potential impact of ADT messages in the recently concluded webinar titled "Unlocking Point-of-Care Insights: ADT Messages Decoded."

ADT feeds - capturing vital member details ranging from demographics to status updates - form the backbone of efficient healthcare delivery. The rich data can help streamline health system processes, enabling providers and care teams to deliver more effective and personalized care in the form of more seamless referrals, clearer billing details and prescription validation.

Health Chain's Insightful Dive:

In the webinar, the Health Chain team – Mason, VP of Strategy and Nikita, Product Manager - delved into practical use cases for care management teams, showcasing the transformative impact of ADT messages in enhancing member care.

Optimized Care Coordination:

ADT messages play a pivotal role in providing structured and real-time member health data, serving as a cornerstone in optimized care coordination. When effectively processed, ADT messages can alert care management teams in real time, ensuring a seamless handoff + care plan creation when members are discharged from hospitals. Further, Health Plans can proactively monitor members and engage meaningfully in their post-discharge healthcare journeys.

Real-Time Notifications:

The integration of ADT messages with machine learning can foster a responsive and member-centric care approach. Real-time ingestion of ADT Messages ensures swift follow-up actions, including the delivery and monitoring of timely discharge instructions and care plan development.

Quality Care Assessment:

With member needs and expectations rapidly evolving, it is crucial that Health Plans can proactively identify care gaps to assess and support the quality of care being provided by their network. Effectively ingesting and processing ADT messages can provide comprehensive insights to how proactive and efficient the entire care management ecosystem – Providers, care managers, etc. -  has been in delivering care to Members, which ultimately facilitates a shared and holistic approach to providing care for Members.

Leveraging Centaur Data Platform and HC SQLAI:

In the pursuit of comprehensive, usable health data, Health Chain’s Centaur Data Platform acts as the foundational infrastructure that seamlessly integrates ADT messages into each members’ longitudinal record, ensuring care teams have access to organized and real-time member information, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Incorporating ADT data into enterprise databases is a step in the right direction, but getting that data into the hands of the stakeholders that need it the most is the ‘last mile’. Health Chain’s SQLAI enables all business users to extract insights from enterprise databases in plain English – removing the dependency on data teams to write complex SQL queries to extract insights. This creates more real-time interaction with data such as ADT messages – enabling care managers to identify insights and take action in real time.


As we navigated the landscape of point-of-care insights, the webinar "Unlocking Point-of-Care Insights: ADT Messages Decoded" offered an enlightening exploration of the transformative role ADT messages play in enhancing Member Experience. Contact Health Chain to learn more about how Centaur Data Platform and HC SQLAI work together to pave the way for a more personalized, responsive and quality-focused approach to member care.

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