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Quality Improvement

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Unlocking Quality Excellence with Health Chain

Health Chain empowers Medicare Advantage teams with cutting-edge technology and digital solutions, revolutionizing your quality management process to improve your plan’s CMS STAR rating.

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Health Chain Impact Stories

Quality Incentive Management
Value-Based Incentive Management

Reducing friction with providers caused by lack of transparency and visibility in current quality incentive programs

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Higher STAR Ratings
Aim for Higher STAR Ratings

Building cohesive processes to improve overall member experience from the initial onboarding through ongoing quality of care

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Increase Access to Quality Incentives
Increase Access to Quality Incentives

Enabling Payers to reduce the burden on providers of identifying the specific quality measures that they need to target for incentive realization

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Deliver Improved Quality of Care
Deliver Improved Quality of Care

Establishing data-driven visibility and accountability when collaborating with Providers to consistently offer high quality of care

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Intelligent Data Management

Create direct connections with all relevant data sources (CMS, NCQA, etc.) to consolidate, standardize, and enrich all quality-oriented data to distill complex data into actionable insights with the NCQA-certified Centaur Data Platform.

Collaboration and Network Optimisation

Leverage Health Chain’s Hospital Quality Management module to increase collaboration and transparency with your Provider network by taking a data-driven approach to proactively identifying quality measures eligible for incentive.
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Coverage and Claims

Real Time Analytics

Enable quality teams to access a relational data model drawn from high-value FHIR data with Epsilon HCFhir+.

Identify clinical trends, gaps in care and proactively address quality concerns, in real-time, providing a more resourceful care journey with HC SQL AI.

Know Your Member

Onboard new members’ historical clinical profile as a part of the onboarding process, lowering costs, reducing time to establish tailored care plan and optimizing member experience with seamless transition to the new health plan with Payer-to-Payer Hub.
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