HC Developer Portal Providing one centralized platform for Payers to
manage the API connection process with 3rd party
developers in a highly secure, compliant, and
organized setting.
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Building data-driven
connections among
Empowering Payers with Technology to Drive
Transformation across Healthcare
Health Chain Schedule a Demo Payers, Providers & Patients

CentaurTM API Platform API platform for Payers to facilitate the
ingestion of data from multiple EMRs for storage
in FHIR server
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Unlock and Consolidate
Member Data with Centaur
API Platform
Member Experience Invest in a Seamless & Transparent Member
Our HL7 FHIR server and API gateway enables
members to securely access claims, clinical,
rand encounter information through
any validated third-party
application of their choice.
Comply to CMS-9115-F with
CentaurTM API Platform
payer to payer data Connectivity Go Beyond Compliance to Ensure Payer to
Payer Data Connectivity
Compliant with CMS Patient Access Rule and
government regulations, enabling seamless
payer-to-payer, provider-to-payer and
payer-to-provider data
exchangeusing FHIR APIs​.

Payer to Payer (P2P) Hub One stop solution to meet the CMS Mandate
by sending and receiving clinical data  
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Payer to Payer (P2P) Hub Facilitating point-to-point clinical data
sharing between Payers at a Member's request
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Payer to Payer (P2P) Hub Acts as a broker to ensure the Payers can
connect with each other efficiently
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Payer to Payer (P2P) Hub Unlocks the ability to receive FHIR/Non-FHIR
data through APIs
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The CMS Mandates that Payers:

Payers can effortlessly expand their network of technology partners

Enable a dynamic microservices strategy with an agile developer portal

agile developer portal
cms mandate

Reduce the development burden associated with meeting the CMS Mandates

Empower members with access to your network of application partnerss

Application Partner

One platform to manage communication and registration process with 3rd party developers

  • Customizable application registration form
  • Giving third party developers access to API documentation
  • 3rd parties can test in Sandbox and ‘apply’ for promotion to production
  • Customizable production application form with terms & Conditions
  • Everything happens on one platform

Reduce the development burden associated with meeting the CMS Mandates

  • 3rd party developers provide resources for members on the Payer’s behalf
  • ‘Low-touch’ interactions with third party developers
  • Admins can promote 3rd party applications to production at the click of a button

Empower members with access to your network of application partners

  • Seamlessly Provide members with access to their clinical and claims data
  • Members can choose where to access and manage their historical medical records
  • More personalized experience for members
  • Close the gap in communication between Members, Providers and Payers

HC Developer Portal is Designed to Help Payers Meet CMS-9115-F

Who Interacts With a Developer Portal

Developer portals are not only for developers. In fact, portals create an ecosystem where multiple stakeholders interact.
Let’s take a closer look at who uses the dev portal: