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Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics2024-05-08T12:24:19+00:00

Data-Driven Care Management with Health Chain

As data experts, Health Chain enables data and analytics teams to support the evolving digital transformation requirements and goals of the business in a future-proof and scalable way.

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Health Chain Impact Stories

Leverage AI to foster real-time insights
Leverage AI to foster Real-Time Insights

Deploy the infrastructure required to support real-time data across the organization. Leverage AI on top of the data model(s) of your choice to streamline time to insights.

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Unlock the Value from FHIR Data
Unlock the Value from FHIR Data

Establish the infrastructure to unlock the value from your FHIR data regardless of source or format. Accelerate the ROI on interoperability investments by providing access to insights directly from FHIR.

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Boost Collaboration between Payers and Providers
Boost Collaboration Between Payers and Providers

Foster stronger partnership between Payers and Providers with real-time bi-directional data sharing to support collaborative population health and member health-level analytics.

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Create Next-Generation Data Platform

Eliminate data silos and create one FHIR-enabled data model to foster internal collaboration and alignment at the individual member and the population level.

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Higher STAR Ratings with Member-Centric Approach

Payers can achieve higher STAR ratings by prioritizing overall member experience with data-driven approaches to proactively address member needs – strengthening member satisfaction.

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Establish and Maintain Data Observability
Establish and Maintain Data Observability

Have confidence that your organization is working with comprehensive, accurate and reliable data – regardless of source and/or destination – with real-time data lineage monitoring.

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Omega Patient Access App

Simplifying Data Integration and Curation

  • Ingest, integrate, and curate data from various sources and formats (PDF – patient charts, OCR, CCDA, FHIR, HL7, etc.) directly into your health plan environment.
  • Deploy on-premises or on the cloud, maintaining HIPAA compliance and giving you full ownership of your data.
  • Streamline data processes, enabling your teams to focus on delivering high-quality care instead of data management.

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End-to-End CMS Compliance

  • Simplify Patient Access API management and exposure with our Developer Portal, providing a single platform to manage the registration process, testing process and production support
  • Monitor the usage and data lineage of your interoperability APIs to ensure complete availability and compliance through evolving requirements of the mandates.
  • Centralize endpoint access and permissions management, ensuring secure and controlled data access for internal and external developers.

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Unlocking Quality Performance Insights

  • Gain valuable insights into quality performance data at scale, empowering your quality teams to play a more active role in managing care quality.
  • Proactively collaborate with providers to target specific quality measures for improvement and increase quality incentive realization.
  • Drive better patient outcomes with data-driven strategies, elevating your organization’s reputation for exceptional healthcare services.

Find out how Hospital Quality Management can help!.

Seamless Onboarding for Enhanced Member Experience

  • Accelerate the onboarding process for new members by seamlessly integrating their historical clinical profiles, while meeting CMS Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange mandate
  • Expedite establishment of clinical and risk profile; reducing onboarding costs and more quickly optimizing CMS reimbursements
  • Immediately implement tailored care plans to provide care continuity and reduce potential for care gaps

Find out how Payer to Payer Hub can help!.

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Coverage and Claims

Empowering Business Users with Real-Time Data Access

  • Put business users in control with real-time access to all relevant data sources without relying on legacy data request processes.
  • Enhance productivity by streamlining access to data from multiple sources – including EDW, CMS, HEDIS vendors, FHIR server, etc.
  • Empower data-driven decision-making and responsiveness, fueling efficiency across your organization.

Find out how HC SQLAI can help!.

Delivering Insights from Usable Clinical Data

  • Convert FHIR data into a proprietary relational data model, empowering your data and analytics teams with familiar and user-friendly data structures.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing processes and tools, such as PowerBI, for enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Make data more accessible, allowing your teams to derive valuable insights for better decision-making and improved outcomes.

Find out how Epsilon HCFhir+ can help!.

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Coverage and Claims

Automated & Error Free Risk Processes

  • Provide risk adjustment teams with access to all relevant data sources (Clinical Data. PDF Charts, Claims, etc.) in one format, attached to individual longitudinal member records.
  • Leverage AI + NLP to automatically extract only the most pertinent data for each member, streamlining coding processes.
  • Optimize risk management and revenue capture, ensuring accurate and complete documentation and data lineages for CMS reimbursements

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Enabling Data-Driven Outreach Efforts

  • Create an integrated lead list with data from across sources, empowering sales and member engagement teams with valuable insights.
  • Improve outreach effectiveness, driving patient engagement and loyalty through AI-driven targeted and personalized interactions.
  • Enhance growth opportunities and strengthen relationships with members, creating a positive and impactful healthcare experience.

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