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Member Experience

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Transforming the Member Experience with Health Chain

Health Chain empowers Payers to create curated member experiences throughout their care journey.

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Omega Patient Access App

Learn How Health Chain Enables Elevated Member Experiences

The Critical Importance of Longitudinal Patient Records
Longitudinal Digital Health Record

Members are able to maintain a consistent, up-to-date and digital health record, regardless of how many different Payers and Providers have been involved in their care journey.

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Seamless Onboarding for Enhanced Member Experience
More Tailored Member Experience

Members experience more impactful engagements from their health plan in the form of tailored care interventions, relevant resources and behavioral recommendations.

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Proactive Care Management

The health plan can more effectively collaborate with members and their providers from Day 1 to actively manage the quality of care delivery by incentivizing the right provider and member behaviors.

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Cross-Continuum Care Continuity

Members can prevent gaps in their care journey when their Payer and Providers are collaborating to be aligned on care plans & coverage.

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Efficient Care Delivery

Give your members confidence that they are eligible to access the care they need, when they need it with HC Prior Auth. Enable auto-approvals and streamline the submission of prior authorizations to avoid any gaps in care resulting from administrative burdens that prevent your provider network from efficiently delivering the care your members need.
Efficient Care Delivery
Coverage and Claims

Promote Better Care Outcomes

Through proactive outreach, care teams can help members manage chronic conditions, adhere to treatment plans, and navigate the complex healthcare ecosystem. HC CareFlow empowers dedicated care teams to leverage members’ real-time medical histories to provide tailored care journeys, ensuring effective care.

Seamlessly Enable Engagement

Omega Patient Access App aids Health Plans to provide comprehensive information about coverage, costs, and treatment options allowing members to make informed decisions. Members with clear insight into their benefits and care options can actively participate in their healthcare journey, leading to reduced complexity and improved outcomes.
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