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Quick Answer: Emergence of Health Data Management Platforms Signal a New Generation of Capabilities


The healthcare industry is rapidly advancing towards interoperability compliance and true data-sharing proficiency, driven by a new wave of Health Data Management Platforms. These platforms, a burgeoning market, offer tailored data services for healthcare organizations – facilitating real-time information exchange. Gartner®, that delivers actionable and objective insights to executives and their teams, recently published a report – Gartner® Quick Answer: Emergence of Health Data Management Platforms Signal a New Generation of Capabilities. Our key takeaways:

  • Health data management platforms employ modern data and analytics strategies in the cloud to enable adherence to industry standards like FHIR, while accelerating the acquisition, curation and integration of healthcare data via a data fabric layer. AI-driven automation enhances data quality, cleansing, and normalization, while privacy, security, and access rules govern provide governance.
  • Distinctive features include the capability to enrich FHIR data for downstream analytics and the integration of AI, ML, and LLMs at scale. The evolving landscape includes; Health Data Fabric, Interoperability Platform, Healthcare Industry Cloud Platform and Clinical Data Integration Vendors.
  • As vendors converge on cloud, fabric, and standards, differentiation lies in delivering a robust end-to-end data pipeline. Health Data Management Platforms promise advanced AI execution, support for enterprise-wide digital transformation and seamless connectivity across the healthcare ecosystem, offering a pivotal shift in healthcare data capabilities. This inflection point marks a significant stride towards a new era of healthcare data management and integration solutions.

Download the Report to deep dive into the emerging landscape of health data management platforms and how they aim to support organization-wide digital transformation, improve interoperability within the Healthcare ecosystem and ultimately enable AI-driven downstream applications at scale.

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    Factors Influencing the Emergence of the Health Data Management Platform

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    Gartner, Quick Answer: Emergence of Health Data Management Platforms Signal a New Generation of Capabilities, Laura Craft, Published 15th December 2023