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Two Steps Health Plans Can Take to Enhance Data Observability and Governance


Two Steps Health Plans Can Take to Enhance Data Observability and Governance

September 25, 2023 | 2-minute read

Data Observability

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, enhancing data observability becomes even more important for health plans. Because access to accurate member and provider data drives informed decision making and efficient operations, payers must have the ability to monitor, track and understand data in real-time. An increasing number of payer executives believe that observability is essential to healthcare delivery. Two actions Medicare Advantage plans and other payers can take to improve data observability and governance include:

  • Use ETL Pipelines: Clinical data integration (CDI) solution providers, who are experts in managing multiple data formats from disparate sources, know best how to use ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) channels to import data into health plans. Leading CDI providers are further strengthening health plans capabilities by further enriching data.
  • Implement Dashboards: A corresponding issue with data observability is data accessibility, i.e., getting curated, actionable data into the hands of analysts and decision makers. A compelling use case for improving data observability, governance and accessibility is the creation of provider quality management dashboards. For a Blue Cross Blue Shield client, Health Chain implemented our Quality Management module to support a provider value-based care program. The Hospital Quality Management dashboard enabled near real-time monitoring, leading to improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs and ultimately rewarded the BCBS plan’s contracted hospitals for value-based care delivery.

Enhancing data observability and governance in an important health plan imperative. It is a strategy that strengthens patient care, streamlines operations and enables payers to manage and analyze their data. Contact us to learn more about how Health Chain can help you integrate end-to-end data observability into your clinical data integration initiatives.

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