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Using Advanced Analytics to Bolster Medicare Advantage Plans


Using Advanced Analytics to Bolster Medicare Advantage Plans

November 17, 2023 | 2-minute read

Medicare Advantage Plans

As healthcare delivery continues to become increasingly complex and cost-sensitive, Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are actively searching for competitive advantages. Plans can gain a competitive edge by ensuring their technology infrastructure is integrated with the right type of foundational data platform.

Scalable and flexible data platforms will future-proof health plans for interoperability challenges. More importantly, they will enable payers to take advantage of the valuable insights and improved data-driven decision-making tools afforded by advanced analytics. Leading patient and provider health data integration platforms support several types of advanced analytics:

Embracing advanced analytics is an accessible, strategic opportunity for MA plans to revolutionize the way they

  • Operate;
  • Improve patient care;
  • Collaborate with providers; and
  • Implement next generation value-based payment (NGVBP) models.

As noted by Gartner® in their July Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2023 report++, “Advanced Analytics: NGVBP models capitalize on advanced analytics to measure and track quality metrics and patient outcomes. Providers can use these metrics to identify improvement areas and track progress over time.”

Health Chain was recently recognized as a sample vendor in 2023 Gartner® Hype Cycle™. Learn more

Advanced Analytics Supported by Leading Foundational Data Platforms
Descriptive Predictive Cognitive
Evaluates what has happened in your MA plan Assesses what could happen in your MA Plan Infers from evidence and reasoning what should happen in your MA plan
Data Analytics Software Supported by Leading Foundational Data Platforms
Data Visualization Business Intelligence Machine Learning
Microsoft Power BI Tableau Microsoft Azure

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