Building data-driven connections among

Payers, Providers & Patients

Payers, Providers & Patients

Empowering Payers with Technology to Drive Transformation across Healthcare

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Health Chain

Building data-driven
connections among
Empowering Payers with Technology to Drive
Transformation across Healthcare
Health Chain Schedule a Demo Payers, Providers & Patients
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Retention Platform

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Health Chain Suite

Accelerating Digital Payer Adoption

The platform empowers Payers to unlock and apply data in processes across the enterprise using intuitive applications.

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Connecting with Payers

We imagine a world where we create a digital Health Chain between

Payers, Providers, and Patients

Our solutions bring data, technology, and decades of expertise together to empower patients by working with all the parties in the healthcare ecosystem



Simplify and streamline access to patient records in a standardized format, as different hospital systems use different medical record systems



Improve patient outcomes and reduce the administrative burden of handling multiple records, which in turn reduces inefficiencies and costs



Benefit from improved access to all of their medical records whenever required, but most importantly get to decide who can access their data

Built Keeping Payers in Mind

The platform is built to address data interoperability challenges between the Payer, Patient and Provider ecosystem by bringing medical records from multiple sources all to one place.

Why Health Chain?

We work closely with health plans to provide innovative, best-in-class direct-to-consumer solutions that have been proven to enhance patient experience, drive adherence, improve patient outcomes and lower overall costs



Built around HL7 FHIR standard. Always keeping a look out for the next innovation.



HIPAA and HITRUST compliant environments so you can exchange data securely and flexibly.



We help build a configuration that works for your business.



Out-of-the-box, enterprise-level capabilities. Build faster than ever before.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

“Health Chain helped us reach CMS Interoperability
Mandate on time, within budget, successfully.
Kudos to the team.”

CFO, EVP - Regional Health Plan

“Health Chain brought the best of their brains together to help us achieve CMS Interop Mandate compliance on time, while many of the other payers were still struggling to meet the deadline past July 1st, 2021.”

CDAO - Regional Health Plan
Health Chain

We Look Forward To Connecting With You

We bring our all every day to deliver the best results for our clients

Health Chain’s CMS Platform


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We’re on a mission to keep patients at the centre by allowing them complete access to all of their healthcare data

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Healthchain Platform

Improved Patient Experience and Outcomes

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