Member Acquisition

Recruiting Medicare Leads Today Is A Challenge!

Member Acquisition
Health Plans are now covering various mediums to scout and convert leads – website, social media and existing previous member lists. Sales reps position in dual roles – following up and converting leads but also manually validating data of customers.

Predixion Insights – Bring All Your Leads To One Place!

Predixion Insights empowers Health Plans with immediate access to Medicare Leads which have email IDs, phone numbers, and addresses of the qualifying Medicare members. Aside from bringing its own statewide demographic data, the platform can ingest lead data from multiple sources:

Let Us Make Your Sales Prospecting Easy!

Marketing Team

Predixion Insights consolidates, streamlines and automates the data you need so you can focus on exceeding KPIs

Sales Team

Predixion Insights improves pipeline creation by eliminating manual work and refocusing reps on what’s important – selling