Members can now check their vaccination records digitally in just a few clicks!

Digital Health Pass Empowers Members To Carry Their Vaccination Records Without Hassle

Our platform enables you to check immunization-related information easily via mobile and web platforms. The Health Pass ensures that everyone who is vaccinated for COVID-19 gets a digital copy of their vaccination record.

  • Automated reminder for second dose of vaccination
  • Easily access locations that require proof of immunization
  • Share analytics with employer groups on the progress of vaccination within their employees

Open Up Your Business Armed With A
Digital Health Pass

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Why Do You Need A Digital Health Pass?

If you have had a challenge in engaging your members/employees digitally, Digital Health Pass provides a great opportunity to engage the audience by offering a Digital Vaccination Certificate on your platform.

During the post-covid world, Healthchain’s Digital Health Pass is designed to support organizations to help re-open businesses, help employees return to work.

Potential business segments that can leverage Digital Health Pass immediately :

Health Chain

Discover How You Can Leverage The Benefits Of Digital Health Pass

Healthchain’s Digital Health Pass is specially designed for Health Plans, Providers, and Employers to empower their organizations with easy access to vaccination data anytime via mobile and web platforms.

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