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What Data Do Risk Adjustment Teams Need to Access to Reduce Provider Burden?


What Data Do Risk Adjustment Teams Need to Access to Reduce Provider Burden?

October 17, 2023 | 2-minute read

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, both FHIR and non-FHIR clinical data has emerged as the cornerstone for making informed decisions and optimizing patient care. Recently, Health Chain hosted an insightful webinar titled "What Data Do Risk Adjustment Teams Need to Access to Reduce Provider Burden?" - which dove into the pivotal role of clinical and claim data ingestion, integration and curation in revolutionizing risk adjustment processes for health plans.

One of the key takeaways from the webinar was the importance of integrating diverse data sources. Health Chain's Centaur Data Platform was the center of the conversation, seamlessly ingesting and integrating PDF charts, EMR data, Model Output Reports (MORs) from the CMS and claims data to create holistic views of each member's risk profile. Gene Huang, a member of Health Chain’s Advisory board, highlighted this transformation - stating "Health Chain’s Centaur Data Platform empowers risk adjustment teams with comprehensive, real-time data. It simplifies the data aggregation process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each individual's health status."

Mason Burr, VP of Strategy at Health Chain, emphasized how with a data platform like Centaur in place, Payers can now focus on streamlining the ICD-10, HCC and Clinical Keyword extraction process using AI. "Health Chain’s RiskRevPro revolutionizes the risk review process by providing risk adjustment teams with only the most relevant and critical data," stated Burr. "No longer do teams need to spend hours reviewing hundreds of pages of clinical profiles. Our product empowers them to focus on what truly matters to pro-actively identify risk gaps."

The webinar underscored that ingesting and integrating disparate data sources empowers risk adjustment teams to streamline operations, reduce redundancy and relieve providers from excessive documentation demands. This ultimately enables more impactful retrospective AND prospective risk programs. Health Chain's Risk Adjustment-focused solution suite, made up of Centaur Data Platform and RiskRevPro, offers a seamless solution for unlocking, integrating and adeptly applying insights sourced from critical data streams. By embracing these technologies, Payers can embark on a journey towards more efficient, data-driven and real-time risk adjustment processes to more closely collaborate with their provider networks.

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