Medicare Member Engagement

During our recent Webinar, Data-Driven Medicare Member Engagement: Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), the Health Chain team took a deep dive into how they are enabling health plans to use innovative algorithms to get more benefits from their core data platform. This approach allows Payers to create a 360-degree view of Medicare Advantage prospects, leads and age-in members, facilitating more personalized engagement to drive effective member acquisition. Webinar speaker, Health Chain CEO and Founder, Sudheen Kumar, highlighted that one of the key advantages of data-driven member engagement is the ability to consolidate age-in data from various internal and external sources. When using tools like Predixion Insights TM in combination with patient-centered apps, Health Plans can integrate data from their own environment, such as claims, demographic information, patient information and customer interactions, with other external data sources like electronic health records and patient-supplied data. The resulting holistic view provides a deeper understanding of prospects’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, enabling Payers to tailor their member acquisition and engagement offerings accordingly.

Another key takeaway from the webinar was how Payer Sales & Marketing teams can improve patient engagement by personalizing member experiences. By leveraging Al’s ability to take advantage of comprehensive member data, Payers can apply predictive analytics to anticipate members’ future needs, behaviors and preferences and to offer the most appropriate Medicare plans. Personalized communications, offers and targeted outreach will further improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

Omega Patient Access App

Omega Patient Access App

Supporting Payers in adhering to the CMS Mandate by giving their Members access to their medical records in one place.

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Member Acquisition

Predixion Insights

Medicare plans are losing $9B annually in customer lifetime value (LTV) due to price competition, product commoditization, churn and lower lifetime premium revenue.

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