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Innovation Insight for Digital Healthcare Payer Platform


Gartner®, which delivers objective and actionable insights to executives, recently analyzed the factors affecting the architecture of Payers’ technology platforms. Key findings mentioned in the Gartner® Innovation Insight for Digital Healthcare Payer Platform report include:

  • Payers lack the agility to respond rapidly to changing business drivers and other external forces, including increasing pressure from unconventional competition and the pace of medical and technology innovation, as well as new regulations intended to inform and protect consumers.
  • CIOs are increasingly questioning the business value of their existing IT investments. Inflexible and monolithic claims-centric application suites are a barrier to digital innovation and productivity, and have a high total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Unlocking the value of healthcare data is a top priority for payer CIOs as the industry has entered an era of consumer engagement, transparency, precision medicine and personalized health.

Download the Report to learn more about how composable architecture-based technology strategies can enable digital transformation and help optimize data to improve decision making and processes that affect patients, providers and partners.

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    Innovation Insight for Digital Healthcare Payer Platform, Mandi Bishop, Bryan Cole, Jeff Cribbs, Kate McCarthy, Published 23 December 2021