Patient Data

Health plans looking for ways to strengthen their clinical and operational decision support are considering technology investments in cloud platforms and artificial intelligence tools. Investments in these areas will improve their capacity for applied predictive modeling. With the increasingly attractive economics of cloud storage, health plans can store enormous amounts of member data thus offering exciting opportunities for machine learning to unlock actionable insights.

Health plans can advance their near-term strategies to increase member satisfaction and close gaps in member care by combining member clinical data with operations-focused predictive analytics. From our observations of the care delivery system and conversations with our clients and prospective partners, the use of longitudinal patient data and innovative modeling techniques is expected to yield significant benefits to patient engagement, bottom line performance and HEDIS measures by:

  • Strengthening preventative care.

  • Improving chronic condition management.

  • Preventing avoidable hospitalizations.

  • Improving medication adherence.

  • Identifying members for targeted outreach and clinical interventions.


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