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Compliance 101: USCDI v4


Compliance 101: USCDI v4

March 1, 2023 | 2-minute read


About USCDI v4

USCDI v4 is a ground breaking advancement of the standardized data elements that aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by further enriching the data being made interoperable. Launched by the ONC (The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology) this initiative sets the standard for healthcare organizations to better exchange patient data in an effort to eliminate the need for convoluted data governance and costly data mapping efforts. Although it may seem difficult to implement, complying with USCDI v4 is undoubtedly worth the effort and brings significant value for health plans as it provides access to extremely impactful data that can be applied in areas such as risk adjustment, quality management and overall member experience (CM/UM, Prior Auth, etc.).

By embracing USCDI v4, health plans prioritize patient-centered care by more closely collaborating with providers to alleviate the care coordination burden that historically falls on providers. With access to aggregated, longitudinal views of each patient’s clinical history, Payers can enable Providers to have much more wholistic understandings of each patient – without having to coordinate with specialists, PCPs, etc. in order to access the patients’ complete medical records. This will give providers the ability to deliver patient-centered care more efficiently, while also creating more positive outcomes.

How Can Health Chain Help Comply?

In adopting USCDIv4, health data platforms like Health Chain streamline the Payers’ ability to ingest, integrate and curate all data elements included in the new set of standards. Payers can now have immediate access to a very complex set of data elements that would take months, if not, years for a health plan to develop on their own. As a result, both Providers and Patients can immediately start feeling the benefits of Payers having access to this data at scale, while Payers can finally start recognizing ROI on their interoperability investments.

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